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20 June 2019“The Art of the Hero”: commemorating Scott of the Antarctic. Followed by our AGM
23 May 2019Jacob Epstein
18 April 2019“The Frick Collection New York, The Wallace Collection London, and the Knole connection.”
21 March 2019 “Imperial Calcutta: Arts & Architecture”
28 February 2019“Women behind the lens: “outstanding female photographers and their contribution to the art of photography.
31 January 2019“The History of Embroidery”
13 December 2018“A Northern Renaissance Triumvirate : Mantegna, Bellini and Lotto
29 November 2018 “The Vienna Secession” 1918-2018 - Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele
25 October 2018 “Embracing brokenness” 1904-1914
27 September 2018 “Frida Kahlo- the Golden age of Mexican painting”
28 June 2018The Design Museum
31 May 2018Burned, bombed and bulldozed - Lost Houses of Britain
26 April 2018Vernacular Furniture 1600-1800
29 March 2018"The Annals of Dover" - Let the Games Begin!
22 February 2018"Travellers among mountains and streams" Masterpieces of Chinese Landscape Painting
25 January 2018The Joys of Impressionism "Artists in Exile"
14 December 2017Rachel Whiteread - sculptor
30 November 2017Kandinsky, Pioneer of Abstract Painting
26 October 2017Reflections - Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites
28 September 2017The historical use of wallpapers in the British Interior 1685 - to today
29 June 2017Wish you were here: The seaside holiday in Art
25 May 2017King George IV, the greatest collector of Art
27 April 2017The Art of Edward Hopper
30 March 2017"Pots and Frocks" - The world of Grayson Perry, Britain's favourite transvestite.
23 February 2017"Donatello" and the Sculpture of the Italian Renaissance
26 January 2017Frans Hals and Haarlem
15 December 2016"A Likeness of Paradise" Stained Glass, the Sublime Art.
24 November 2016Marvels in Silver - Georg Jensen Jewellery
27 October 2016Caravaggio 1571-1610
29 September 2016Cannibals in Art, myth and reality
30 June 2016Eric Ravilious and the lure of the everyday
26 May 2016Disturbing Constructions in Space: the sculpture of Alberto Giacometti
28 April 2016English Delftware drug jars: "in paynted pots is hidden the deadliest poison"
24 March 2016This is Wren: the Classical, the Baroque and the City of London Churches
25 February 2016Ruins & Romance : early women travellers in the Near East
28 January 2016Satirist to insanity: celebrating the life and works of James Gillray 1756-1815
17 December 2015Angels in Art
26 November 2015Thomas Heatherwick: "The Leonardo of our times"
29 October 2015Goya
24 September 2015Sumptuous world of Indian textiles
25 June 2015"Their name liveth for ever" : Grief and politics in the memorials to the Great War
28 May 2015Sicilian Splendours : from Greece to the Normans
30 April 2015The Shakespeare of Art : William Hogarth and the London theatre of the 18th Century
26 March 2015Getting Plastered - The art and conservation of English decorative plasterwork
26 February 2015Sargent and the Arts
29 January 2015Windsor Castle : Fire, restoration and the Queen at Windsor
11 December 2014Bestiaries
27 November 2014Ivory and tortoiseshell - Past uses to present bans
30 October 2014Porcelain for Chinese Emperors
25 September 2014A Painter looks at Berthe Morisot
26 June 2014Palampores and Pullicates: The exotic world of The East India Company
29 May 2014Love and loss. Jewels of remembrance, mourning and honour.
17 April 2014Henri Matisse and the gift of joy
27 March 2014The artist as a reporter: British artists and World War One
27 February 2014From posset pots to pew groups
30 January 2014Oscar Nemon and his development as a sculptor
12 December 2013The Christmas Story through medieval art
28 November 2013El Greco “ The burial of the Count of Orgaz”
31 October 2013London’s changing skyline: Past, present and future
26 September 2013The World of Ottoman Art
27 June 2013Rembrandt - Family, faces and friends
30 May 2013The Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
25 April 2013Laos: A little Paradise. From Historic Buddhist Temples to Modern Silk Weaving.
21 March 2013Archaeological Adventures in Albania
28 February 2013Henry Moore: A revolution in British Sculpture
31 January 2013The Arts of Bloomsbury and Omega 1913-1919
13 December 2012The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art
29 November 2012The Artists of Montmartre: “The Pilgrims of Babylon”
25 October 2012Goldwork: The Story of Britain and Gold
27 September 2012Shakespeare in Performance and Art (1590-2012)

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“The Art of the Hero”: commemorating Scott of the Antarctic. Followed by our AGM Dr. Max Jones Thursday 20 June 2019


Captain Scott and his four companions died in the Antarctic in 1912. Although they had lost the race to the South Pole to Norwegian Roald Amundsen, their deaths unleashed an astonishing wave of tributes not only in Britain but around the world. This lecture will examine the different ways in which artists represented death in the polar wasteland and portrayed failure as heroic sacrifice.