11 May 2020Message from our Chairman
30 January 2020Art Aiding Politics: Hampstead in the 1930's and 1940's
30 January 2020Nationwide Arts Festival celebrating refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British Culture
14 November 2019Tour of Riga and Tallinn October 2019 - Report by Felicia Olney
12 May 2019Tour of North Yorkshire
08 October 2018Tour of Malta and Gozo - report by Sue Dennis
08 October 2017Liverpool Tour Report by Sue Dennis
04 May 2017President's Day out to Hughenden and Waddesdon
09 October 2016Highgate DFS Visit to Porto and Galicia
30 June 2016Highgate DFAS AGM
07 January 2016London Volunteers in Museums Awards
14 April 2015Visit to St Petersburg, March 2015

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Message from our Chairman
Monday 11 May 2020

Dear Members

As you will be aware the March, April and May meetings of the Society have been cancelled. These are unprecedented times and your Committee is trying to deal with the many challenges that now face us.

This will mean that our communications with you will be via email for the foreseeable future.  We are fortunate that the overwhelming majority of our members are contactable in this way.  Those of you who do not have email will be contacted by post or telephone depending on the circumstances.

Our next meeting is due on the 25th June and the committee is trying to see if that lecture or a replacement can be provided online.  Our AGM was also due on that date and we therefore propose to send out the AGM papers shortly and to ask that questions to be returned to us by email or post by 2nd June.  The Committee will respond to those by the 25th June but will adjourn the final AGM decision to a date and time when we can be sure to have as many members as possible attending.  This will enable the society to continue functioning during this period.


Looking to arrangements for the rest of the year, it seems unlikely that we are going to be able to have lectures in their present format.  Government rules on gatherings of 100 or more and the demographics of our Society suggest that the September meeting will have to be delivered remotely.  We are fortunate that we have some reserve funds.  Therefore it has been decided that we will reduce the subscription for the 2020-21 year from £50 to £40.  The Society will bear the cost of this reduction as a gesture of goodwill and in recognition of the disruption to our programme which the pandemic has caused. 

We hope very much that you will continue to support us by renewing your subscription.  We shall try and provide a full programme albeit that some lecturers may be given remotely.  We shall also look at ways in which those of you who are unable to access online content might nonetheless be enabled to see lectures.

Kind regards

Brian Palmer